Zhejiang E&N Surface Technology Company is one of enterprises engaged in research and manufacture in electroless plating in China, located at beautiful Dongyue industry garden in Hangzhou Westlake district. The company has collected a batch of specialists in electroless plating line in China. With strong R&D team and powerful technical force, the company have successfully developed super bright EN-931, high corrosion resistant EN-971,high precise EN-981 and high rate EN-2000 electroless nickel plating concentrated solutions and ALB-971zinc dipping solution,etc.The products have many advantageous performances such as good stability, high rate of deposition, excellent corrosion resistant and no pollution,etc.EN serials products was rated as the title of “excellent science and technology product of Zhejiang Province” in 1999.And in the same year 1999 French Science and Technology Committee of Quality and Surveillance rated the EN serials products as “high quality science and technology products.” In the year of 2000,the technology item was listed as the National Torch Plan. The company is not only engaged in R&D on electroless plating solution, but also in large scale production and applied study. This technology has been used in large enterprises such as Shanghai Petroleum Company、Shengli Oil Field and Inner Mongolia Yimeng Groups. The technology of electroless nickel plating has been extensively used in machinery, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy and war industry. The company has created great economic profits and received vast user’s favorable comments.
In order to adapt to the market and needs of industrial development, the company has established the electroless nickel-plating processing base that is one of the biggest in whole china. There are several assembly lines for large parts, middle parts and small parts with rack plating and barrel plating process. The assembly lines could plate electroless nickel deposition on different base and shape material such as steel(or stainless steel),Aluminium,Copper,etc.With the film thickness of 10μm’s calculation, the daily average process capacity can be up to 15 thousand square decimeters. At present, tens of enterprises such as XIZI OTIS Group(elevator), Sino-American joint venture bray bloc(large-scale stainless valve), automobile cigar lighter series, special type chain, food machinery, electromagnetic shielding aluminium row process their products for electroless nickel plating in our company .The products are sold to Europe and America. For the sake of quick development of enterprise and electroless plating industry, by the way of transformation with digital information control the company will make electroless plating industry better, more perfect and more satisfactory .The company will striding forward.
Technology characteristics:
After heat treatment the degree of hardness reaches above Hv900. Many manufacturers substitute elctroless nickel plating for hard chromium .
No pollution, easy to operate, long cycle life, good deep plating power and covering power; No pores, excellent adhesion;
Suitable to all kind parts of dimensions and materials;reinforcing strength, improving hardness , possessing best corrosion resistancy,so called “ iron changes stainless steel”.Compared with characteristics of material and cost ,now many companies selected electroless nickel plating to realized above requirements.

Process ability:
Possesse the electroless nickel plating assembly line of 10.9 tons of volumes and several small-size assembly lines with rack plating and barrel plating process.
Service aim:
We are willing to supply chemical processing technology of high quality and the first-rate advanced technology in the world in conforms with effective way of environmental protection for all our users! We will make great efforts just as in the past. The high quality product and the service of high quality has been promised to undertake .We are hoping to get your trust, cooperating with you and creating fine tomorrow altogether!


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